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         GO EUNBI                                                      KWON RISAE
         1992-2014                                                           1991-2014

                              REST IN ETERNAL PEACE


[CF] Miss A Suzy – Beanpole F/W 2014 1400x2000

even though our fandom isn’t that big or powerful, we don’t seem to lose anyone. // fans have given us a lot of love, so it’s not tiring anymore. // fans are the primary engine of appeal. we cannot express in words how thankful we are. ♡

I’ll start coming back here by tomorrow, got to celebrate my birthday yesterday— and I got a snickerdoodle cookie. Everything is good.

Back in action.


[03092014] Suzy’s Twitter Update:

[TRANS] Rest in peace Really heartbreaking.. Hoping that the others will recover quickly.. I will pray

*Suzy tweeted about Ladies Code’s car crash accident 

trans by fyjypnation

2 days till f(x) 5th anniversary:  f(dorks)
“If someone starts to play a prank on one person, then we all start to play pranks on each other like a domino effect. We don’t know how to stay still. I play pranks frequently on Krystal and Sulli, and Victoria unnie pranks Luna the most. But it’s no joke once Luna gets into the ‘feel.’ Later on there are times when we speak frankly amongst ourselves in a mix of Korean, Chinese, and English.”

hi there, i'm jenny.

suji and jinri are
my lady loves.

i probably love f(x) more than you do.

pro-girl groups.

i ship iuzy + jungli.

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